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Hello, I would love to see a email tracking feature so that I can see when my emails have been read. I send a lot of emails at work and the nature of job (talent agent) requires that I know when my actors received and read their audition info. It saves me time from having to call them to ask them to check their email.

Mail Bird offers this feature and it is the only one that has made me switch to them for the most part. What MB is lacking are quick texts replies and templates. If EM offered this feature, you’d really be the smartest and most practical and efficient email program on the market.

I look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

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Please see point 3 in this response:

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I also use Mailbird email client and mail tracking is something that I appreciate a lot. I don’t understand your viewpoint. All mail sending providers are using email tracking that it is align with GDPR. I am using MailerLite for example. Mailchimp, Sender, Activecampaign, all of them are using email tracking. And if you are serious business, you want to know if a person received your email. I think you should reconsider your decision not to implement it.

Under GDPR rules you need explicit permission from an EU resident to track any emails in which they are the recipient. So this is essentially the same as adding a read receipt to a message; the user does not have to give permission for you to track the message, and they don’t need send a read receipt. In most cases, tracking with permission and read-receipts will only be done for a very small percentage of your messages, so as a business tool it is useless. Some servers do not even send read-receipts even if the recipient gives consent.

If your other applications like Mailbird are allowing you to track emails without the recipient’s consent, then that is illegal. As a business, do you really want to be doing that?

For legal tracking, it may be something that can be managed in a campaign system like MailChimp, but how do you propose to implement that in an email client?

I understand that point, but no one nowhere is giving the permission to be tracked, even when you sign for a newsletter like Mailchimp. An option, solution indeed would be with small blank picture like you mentioned above, this is not illegal, I think, you are just tracking if email was displayed inside recipient’s inbox. For me this would work and at list I would have some data and feeling if a message was received.

Gmail also allows Mail Tracker as a third party add on. Those in the EU have the ability to op out by disabling images.

User Privacy - Mailtrack

And it is reliable. MailBird has not failed me once with this feature. If you aren’t familiar with this software, you really should be. It is a competitor. Where they lack are quick texts and email templates.

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… and PGP support too.

PGP signing and encryption is fully supported.

What is the issue you are having @curious?

Quick texts and templates are supported.

What is the issue you are having @Stephanie_Porter?

The message I replied to refers to MailBird, which doesn’t support PGP (yet)

I didn’t realize this. Is it a new feature and where can I find it?

Sorry, I did not have the full context, as it was not in the quote. That will teach me. :grimacing:

But this is an eM Client forum, so we should be discussing eM Client. :grin:

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Been there for years. They are described in the Documentation (F1)


I wish em client would handle Email tracking like mailbird without clattering the inbox with a new “email” every time your email is read. They should implement a notification system for that.

Once again email tracking without opt-in permission is an illegal practice at least in European Union with its GDPR law. If you use that Mailbird feature without explicit permission from recipients you violate european laws.


Some more stuff about the topic: