email touched by smartphone does not download

Yahoo email pulled by my cellphone (as a pop account) does not download in eM Client automatically. I have to manually select it from the server inbox and drag it to my pc’s inbox.

This process LOCKS eM for further use until it is complete. I have a slow connection and many times eM is unavailable for use for 15 or more minutes and often fails to download the email requiring me to try the process again and again for the same email - all while unable to use eM for anything else. At times I need to use eM and have to kill the process and wait for the database check to be able to send an email.

I have tried changing my cellphone to hit Yahoo as an imap account but so far, that causes my cellphone to fail to connect.

Frustrated and considering moving off of eM. Solution? Work around? At the very least I propose patching to allow eM to be available during this manual download.

I know this probably is not the best place to ask for a recommendation for a different product. eM is a good product, but I cannot live with a client that is unusable for up to half an hour at a time while I try to download email over my slow connection. So if anyone has had a good experience with another email client of comparable caliber to eM, I’d like to hear of it.