Email timestamps

It appears there may be no way for me to get assistance with this, but I am trying one more time before abandoning eM Client,. I posted this question previously as a comment on another (as yet unanswered) question I posted, so perhaps no one in the know saw it. If I can’t fix this issue, it’s a dealbreaker for me paying for and using eM Client.

Our company switched to Exchange server from IMAP last week. I use a Mac, and the Mac implementation of Outlook has many shortfalls, I was thrilled to finde eM Client, but I am having this issue:

When I look at the list of emails, I see the correct date/time for when they were received. However, the individual items show a time in the future, which I believe is UTC time. (I am in the Pacific timezone). This not only impacts replies (which say the email I’m responding to was received 7 hours in the future), but also when I choose to send an email later. In the list of outgoing mail, it says "Delayed until (date/time 7 hours in the future). I do not know if the emails are going at the correct time or the time displayed.

I am set for the correct time zone on my Mac. I can find no setting or preference for this in eM Client. This may be a server issue, but if it is I will need to know specifically what to ask our IT department to look at. I do not have this problem on the Windows machine I also have access to.

I would very much appreciate someone responding to this!

It is difficult to tell without seeing the original message.

If you could send me a copy I will look into it for you.

To do that right-click on the message and choose Forward > Forward as attachment. This will create a new message, with the original as an attachment. Send it to me:

Thank you, doing that now.

We looked at the message and it appears the user may have incorrect time on their computer.

The time on the left in the message list, is the time the message was received by your server. So we can take that as true. The time in the message preview on the right, is the time that the user’s computer says it was sent. Technically the user can enter anything they want.

Thank you Gary, but I’ve sent you a few more examples. As noted in my email, other email clients (Apple Mail on Mac and iOS, Outlook for Mac, Windows, iOS) do not have this issue.

Looking at the screenshot, I wonder if the email from Debbie showing in the body of the email was actually eg: created & sent on the day before at 9.44pm on the 22nd and you then received the email & replied which is then showing in the subject on the left (the next day) at 2.44pm on the 23rd ?

If you both are in the same timezone / area then yes agree with @Gary could just be her local computer time / clock etc is out and not sending the correct time when sending her emails which I have seen happen before from various friends who were unaware their time / clock was wrong.

We were corresponding and talking on the phone in real time. The 9 pm time stamp is just wrong. She is the office manager for a company we do business with. I sent Gary a few more examples including a shipment status from UPS and email from an employee at a large furniture manufacturing company in the Midwest.

It is inconceivable that these 2 people and the UPS status bot, would all have their computer time zone wrong, all set to UTC. Their calendar alerts, among many other things would all be off by hours!

No other email client in my Mac, my iPhone or my
Windows machine, has this issue. The explanation does not fit the evidence.

Unfortunately, Gary has stopped responding to me so I guess it’s time for me to look elsewhere. Outlook for the Mac has many shortcomings that I will have to deal with, but at least it doesn’t misrepresent the times like this.

The message you sent me as a sample was received by you on Fri, 23 Jul 2021 21:44:15 +0000

The sender’s header says that they sent it on Sat, 24 Jul 2021 04:44:14 +0000

That is why do not take the sender’s time as accurate.