email thread dissapears leaving only the last message sent to the rcvr.

During an email thread…once a reply to the sender…all the previous messages in that email thread disappears, leaving only my email and the last response from sender.
simply put …the whole conversation in an email is gone…

Hello Marshall, not completely sure if I follow, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

Can you make a screenshot of the issue? If you hit reply on the last received message from this sender is the rest of the conversation not displayed bellow the mail? Is it displayed bellow the received mail from the sender?

Note that eM Client does not support conversation view or threads so all previous replies included in your message are only included based on what’s included in the message you’re replying to.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for answering - I think I know what Marshall is talking about.  Currently, the only way to see most recent replies to a message is to open up a tab and inspect the “conversation history”.

Can you tell me if you guys plan on implementng a conversation view or thread view any time in the near future?  I really love emClient but it’s kind of a huge shortcoming.  I switched to emClient from Mailbird because Mailbird is not encrypted, and Thunderbird / Fossa has been very dodgy with syncing contacts.

Thanks for your support!


Hello Matthew, conversation view is a long time requested feature, it’s one of our top priorities to include this option in eM Client, however up until now we were always a bit delayed with this feature.
We’re however currently working on eM Client 7 for the planned summer release and I can promise you, the feature will be included in the upcoming release - we’re working on it.