Email templates

Hi, I used to when I was using Outlook Express for email templates that I had created and was saving them in eml format for future use. In this way these files by opening the email I had already prepared with the fields CC, BCC, subject and message body already in place and not had to do was enter the recipient’s name and integrate into any text added.
Wish to be exaustive :slight_smile:

Hi, in eM Client you can use Templates created in Tools - Settings - Mail - Templates and signatures.


You need to be able to add a file…such as a document so that recipients can print out a hard copy. For example a resume!..  and dont insult my intelligence by saying…  “wull… you can print out the body of the message”  which just doesnt cut it!..  i could care less about colors and background pictures and so would anybody you sent a serious electronic message to unless your recipient group age range is 12 and under.

Hi, thank you for your feedback regarding the feature. The auto BCC feature originally mentioned in the topic should be included in an upcoming release of eM Client.

Unfortunately Templates that would include an existing file are not currently on our roadmap to future updates.