Email template disappearing when editing from Draft

I created a template using a background picture and saved this.
I created a new message using this template, then saved this message in the Draft folder.
Next day I checked the Draft folder and the message shows correct in the preview screen.
But when I open this message to edit / send, the message opens but the template disappears, and there is no option to re-insert the template.
Why does my template disappear? Is this a bug?
How do I edit a template (background) to and existing message?
Any suggestions welcome, Thanks, Gerard


What version of eM Client do you have? Also, what mail provider do you use? I will then be able to assist you further.
Thank you.


Hello Dave, thanks for responding. The version I got is 6.0.24938.00
I am using gmail. But the problem shows already before I send. I compose a message with background, save it in the Draft folder, preview screen looks ok, but when I reopen, to send or edit, the background has disappeared.

Why has no one responded with further help? I have similar problem