Email takes forever to load or won't load, red triangle

When I try to check/sync/load emails usually I get the red triangle popping up next to my email saying “connection failed” and this process will usually take anywhere from 5-15 minutes then I get the red triangle. This has been happening for a while now. I am running Windows 10 and using Outlook. Am up to date on all updates (eClient, Outlook, Windows) and have eClient set as my default email in settings. Any advice to try before deleting my account and reinstalling which I don’t want to do?

Also, is there a setting I can click to NOT sync all my sub-folders each and every time I want to check my inbox? This process is annoying and not necessary constantly. I have a ton of folders and It is time consuming that it goes thru this process every time I just want to check my inbox.


“Advice”: If active, try temporarily running without VPN and A/V software and see if that offers any improvement.

The Inbox will automatically sync with the server in real-time, so you don’t have to manually do that by clicking on the Refresh button. As soon as a new message arrives in your server Inbox, it will appear in eM Client. Just sit back and relax. :wink:

The other folders will sync when the application starts, then on the schedule that you have selected in your settings, or when you click on the folder. They will also sync immediately when you click on the Refresh button.

Increase the interval to a manageable time like 20 minutes, then the application will not be syncing all the folders continually.