Email Storage format...

Em Client is an excellent program and VERY functional, but I just realized that the email storage directory is contained in a single mail_dat file that contains potentially huge number of emails. This is the same methodology that created unstable corrupt databases (when they got too large) that were unrecoverable back in Outlook Express days.

Even Windows Mail (under Vista) got rid of the single file storeage system and stored FOLDERS of emails, rather than a file. Much more stable to accumulate large local folders, and to export as well. 

 Are there any future plans to store emails as individual .eml files, for a much more stable housekeeping system?

Hello Eric,
in the new eM Client 7 we actually changed the database structure and the mail_dat files are now split per account.
Storing each email as eml file is not planned as that would greatly influence the speed of the program.

If you are worried about safety of your data I suggest enabling automatic backups in the Menu>Tools>Settings>General>Backup section.