Email size with an attached video

Hi I have found that version 8 when forwarding an email with an attached video the size in the outbox will be double the original mail size. Opening the email in the outbox and then sending it again cuts the size back to half. Version 7 does not have this problem but version 7 does not indicate size at all when a video is attached. I have tried this on another computer with the same results. Thanks Roger

I cannot replicate this issue using a eg: (.mp4 video file) with eM Client V 8.2.1237 for Windows.

What version of eM Client do you have ? and what video format / extention are you forwarding ?

Hi I am using the version 8.2.1237 although every version of 8 has had this problem, the videos are in mp4 format. Version 7 reports email size as zero when sending the same videos.

Ok be interesting to see if any other users report this issue.

Here are screen captures of the issue

The first capture shows the size in the outbox after opening the email and resending. The second show the original size in the outbox and the third shows the incoming size in the inbox.