Email size column not available anymore

I have just upgraded from eM Client 6 to version 7 to try the new version. When customizing the email columns, I have found that with the conversation view activated, the email size column  doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Since it is essential for me to have it, is there any chance to bring it back to eM Client 7 while having the conversation view active?


Most probably you are using the new conversation view which removes this column for obvious reasons.

I just don’t have a running emClient version here to guide you to the correct settings. However as far as I remember you can use the menu item View or right click on the folder to customize this setting

Reason for this behaviour: When grouping several messages with different sizes it simply does not make sense to have a size column because of possible different message sizes within this (conversation) group.

Hope I could shed some light on this :wink:

Edit: sorry - did not read your posting properly - you want the size column in conversation mode, too. Anyway the reason why this is not technically possible with the current implementation, was stated above.

I could howver imagine that the developers could add up the size of all messages within a conversation group and put it on the top.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the reply. I can understand that the developers removed the size column to avoid conflicts.

However, I feel that being able to view the email size easily is important in order to keep control of the size of emails you forward, store, etc. I don’t know if the work around that is not to show the size in conversations when grouping emails, or showing the total size of the emails under that conversation. 

When I show the new feature announced on eM Client 7 I was thinking more on something the like of what Thunderbird does: grouping all emails of a conversation under a tree structure and still showing all the details of each individual email, while letting you handle (delete, move, etc) each email separately. I’d love to see some improvement in eM Client in that direction.

That would be fine the way TB handles this.

Most probably we won’t see any change in the current conversation view though…

Yet, in “How we Compare” they insist that Thunderbird has no communnication history. When did they last have a look at Thunderbird? What I see is this:

Anybody know how TB currently runs with CalDav and CardDav with multiple providers all at once? Some months ago Lightning had some big issues when using more than one calendar that linked to different providers.

Additionally, I had issues when those calendars where located on my local NAS with CalDav server using different logins but same host address. Most of the time TB could not save the appropriate passwords.

Moreover I needed the SoGo add-on for getting access to CalDav/CardDav. Is this still necessary?