email sent twice

I’ve migrated from Outlook, eM client is much easier to use.  I’ve one small problem though, when I send email it appears twice in ‘Sent items’. anyone any ideas why?  Version 6.0.22344.0

Hello Kevin, not completely sure what you’re referring to as I’m unable to replicate this issue. What mail service are you using with eM Client? Are you using an IMAP account with eM Client? Is the composed message sent twice to the recipient?

Hi there

Thought I’d post in this thread as I was experiencing the same issue.  It was because the following option was ticked:

Tools\Settings\Mail\Send -> 'Save a copy of sent messages in “Sent” folder

So when I sent mail it had two copies in the Sent folder, one from the original IMAP message and then another from the above local setting - that was then copied up by IMAP to the mail account so it was visible online.


Hi Matt,
this option shouldn’t make an extra copy, it’s a setting that applies only for applications that would normally not save the sent item… but thank you for your input, we’ll see how this setting could be a cause of such a problem.

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Hi Olivia,

I had to reload my hotmail yesterday using the IMAP settings as a number of other eM Client users did also. That’s fine - I’m now getting all my hotmail ok, but I found that every email I send is going into the sent folder twice. So I looked for an answer and found this suggestion, to uncheck the option the guy above said (Tools\Settings\Mail\Send -> ‘Save a copy of sent messages in “Sent” folder’). I think this has solved the problem of getting my hotmail messages twice BUT I now have another problem: I have another email account from a small charity which I only have access to through eM Client (there is no webmail option for this). Unchecking the box for saving messages in the ‘sent’ folder affects this account as well as the hotmail account, so when I send a message from my charity email it doesn’t get saved. So the possibilities I can think of are as follows:

  1. Solve the hotmail issue, so I can check the ‘Save a copy of sent messages in “Sent” folder’ option without getting all my hotmail messages saved twice.

  2. Change the settings every time I switch between each account.

  3. Bcc emails to myself from my charity account and then move them from my Inbox to the ‘Sent’ folder.

My preference would be option 1 - can you help me solve the hotmail issue so I can just send emails from both accounts and save them in my ‘Sent’ folder without having to mess about?

Many thanks.


I would like to jump in as well. I have the same problem as Richard:
I have three accounts in eM client. One from my ISP, two hotmail accounts.
Sent e-mails from my ISP account show up in the sent folder once. Sent e-mails from both of my hotmail accounts show up in the sent folder twice.
I have already changed my settings in my hotmail accounts to ‘don’t save a copy in sent folder’, but still… Two e-mails when one gets sent.
I could use the deduplifier or what that function is called, but it seems to me it shouldn’t be a matter of working around the issue. 
Any thoughts on what to do?

Matt’s solution (Tools\Settings\Mail\Send -> uncheck "Save a copy of sent messages in “Sent” folder) worked for me, too.