eMail Sent to Bogus Address Loses Content

I have had a few instances where I have inadvertently sent an email to a bogus email address. In each instance I received an email stating that the email could not be delivered. However, the content of the email is lost. It’s not in the notification and not in the Sent email folder. The last one was rather lengthy, and it is a pain to have to re-compose it. Is there a way around this?

EVERY email I send (reply, forward or new) resides in my SENT folder. Do NONE of your emails sent end up in the SEND folder?

if the message failed to be sent, it should be stuck in your Outbox folder.
You should be able to find the Outbox folder in Favorite/Smart of Local folders.
You can enable either in Menu>Settings>General>General (SHow local folders, or Show smart folders/favorites)