Email sent from wrong account

I am new to eM Client, and have set up two email accounts - A & B. A is the primary account. I received an email to Account B, replied to it but the reply was sent from Account A. This has caused a lot of embarrassment, and maybe some problems. How can I ensure replies to emails received in account B are sent from account B

Does account B have an smtp account associated with it?  Is it activated?

Go to menu/tools/accounts and select account B.  In the general tab make sure the SMTP box is checked.

Hi Jay,

I am pretty sure it did. However, as I cannot afford for this type of error, I now have 2 email programmes. One for account a and one for account b

The address it will be sent from is always displayed at the top of the message compose window, and you can select another from the list of your installed accounts to suit your needs. But that is not fool-proof, and I have sent from the wrong address myself a few times.

So it helps to understand how eM Client works to avoid any embarrassment. Generally the reply will be sent from the account in whose folder the email is stored when you click reply. So if you have moved an email from account B to the Inbox or sub-folder of account A, the reply will go from account A.

I am not sure if this can be considered a bug, or an intentional feature.

There are exceptions. One is if the email is in the Inbox of account A, and was sent to another address that you have also setup as an alias on account A. Then the reply will be sent from the alias address.

Another is when using multiple POP3 accounts, and instead of using separate folders for the accounts, you have chosen during setup to store messages in Local Folders. i.e. all the accounts share common Inbox and Sent folders. Then the reply will be sent from the address to which it was sent, if an account for that address exists.

Does that make sense?