Email Search: How to open in folder tree?

I’m completely new here.  Changed over from Thunderbird, just started having too many problems.  Here’s the deal, I own/run a couple websites, I get tons of inquiries, orders, etc. I save all these emails.  Over the years I’ve setup folder, sub-folders, and more sub-folders.  On Thunderbird I used to use the ‘find’ feature, locate the email(s) I was searching for, then right-click and ‘open in folder’.  The navigation panel to the left would zoom to that folder.  I do not see how to do this in EMC.  I got the find part, can actually see the folder an email is in, but not the folders above it… I can’t get to the actual complete folder tree without a lot of frigg’n work.  Anyone have any clue about this?  Even know what I’m talking about?  LOL

I understand quite well. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it is not possible to do what you want. As you say, you can get all the matches displayed in the message list, but there is no way to open their respective folders from there.

Yeah, there’s a lot of things I’m finding that I can’t do.  Like using the ‘front’ and ‘back’ browsing shortcuts to work the same within EM, right clicking a folder to rename without focus automatically going to that folder, etc.  Unfortunately doesn’t seem to be any ‘best’ and ‘great’ e-mail integration program out there anymore.