Email Rules - Moving emails to subfolders.

Email Rules… When I set up an email rule to move an email into a specific folder, I want it to come out of my inbox and into that folder. It appears that eM is simply tagging the email similar to the way Gmail does. The original email remains in my inbox. If I delete it out of my inbox, it is also deleted out of the subfolder. Do I need to set up my rules differently?

… .just as a followup… Thunderbird DOES actually move the messages into subfolders and removes them from the inbox. It makes the changes in Gmail as well as in the Thunderbird application. I used Thunderbird for several months and have only been driven away because the calendar application stopped working.

I’ve only been on eM for about a day, but in general I like it better.

My temporary “fix” at the moment for moving messages to subfolder is to have Thunderbird running in the background. It makes the changes in Gmail and they are reflected in eM. I’m sure there is a way to make eM do this…I just haven’t found it yet.


can I ask you if you can send me screenshot of your rule here? This is very odd behaviour we have not met before,

and just to be sure do you use IMAP protocol for Gmail on eM Client?

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Hi John,
when I installed eM it automatically set up my accounts, but I just checked and it is using IMAP.

I figured out how to make Gmail move the emails to folders yesterday after I posted my comments above. It seems to be working, but I’d rather be able to do it all through eM. Part of the purpose of using an app like this is so that I don’t have to go into Gmail at all…

Here is a screenshot of one of my rules:

Rules seems to be okay, I myself have many of these in my eM Client at the office. Anyway rules have problem that if server wants some email somewhere then it will resynchronize it back.

This is not issue by simply IMAP functionality, I understand that server should follow user’s will, but Gmail has some weird sorting, for me too it is impossible to permanently delete or move some emails from some folders.

Problem is that Google is constantly changing their email system so sometimes it is hard to predict or to repair functionality which our users are in custom with :confused:

I will make some testing on this and at friday or monday next week I will post results if there is any workaround over this.

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Thanks John, LIke I said, I figured out how to make Gmail do it… you have to click the box that says “Skip the inbox” when you set up the filter in Gmail. That makes it show up correctly in both Gmail and eM, but I’d rather not have to go into Gmail to set up the rules. In fact, I’d rather remove all the filters in Gmail and just let eM handle the sorting.

Not to compare, but Thunderbird was able to perform this function. So far, I like eM better, except for this.

thank you for your understanding and support despite this lower functionality.

with regards