Email Rules for the Average Joe - Not Engineers

eM Clients Email Rules are Convoluted. Why not make it plain and simple like MS Outlook? Right click, select folder…Done!  Why should I need a degree in engineering or perform an exercise in critical thinking just to set a rule? Things like this make me start looking for another email client.  Anyone know a better one? 

That option is already there. Right-click on the sender’s name or email address and choose Create Rule From . . . . 

pas op!! Ik ben het met je eens, de eM-clients is niet makkelijk maar MS outlook wordt niet meer ondersteund. Op een gegeven moment was ik alles kwijt inclusief een dikke 100 e-mailadressen. Voordeel: eM clients is gratis en met z’n allen komen we er wel uit.

I can’t find your question about the messages you lost. Can you give a link to that question. Maybe I have a solution for you.

Dank je maar dat lukt niet meer. Inmiddels is de harde schijf ook vervangen.

Wat ik nog wel lastig vind is dat alle woorden in de tekst met rood onderstreept worden. Ook het scrollen (rechts) is een probleem. Het is zo’n dun streepje dat cursor hem meestal niet pakt.

Words underlined in red in the compose window means spelling errors. If you are normally typing in Dutch, set your default language to Dutch in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Language, or by right-click > Spell Check Language while composing a message if you need to frequently change between languages. If you continue to find the odd word underlined in red, that could mean the word is not in the dictionary. You can add words to your custom dictionary by right-click on the underlined word.

If the scroll bars are too thin in the default theme, you can either change to another theme (Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes) or you can edit a custom theme to suit your needs.

You can always find more in the Help File (F1), and if that still is not enough, please ask again on this forum. Often it is not that there is a problem with the application, it is just that the settings and functions may be different to your previous email application.

Bedankt ik heb het uitgevoerd.