Email rules creating duplicate mails

I have several rules on my Inboxes defined on my PC client version of the app, I have added to these over time to capture more emails. Now when I run them all emC appears to create duplicates in the target local subfolder which the rule includes. When I switch off one of the rules, no duplicate is created for new emails which meets both conditions.

Rule is based around

  1. With words found in the subject
  2. From people

when read, rules should mark emails with a yellow coloured tag and move to the same subfolder. This way it is intended that emails from certain recipient organisations are captured and if their emails come from different addresses the other rule will pick up the remaining mails.

It seems that there’s no emC option to stop processing the emails after the first rule applies, thereby creating the duplicate when the second could apply too.

Is this a bug?

There is a “Stop processing…” option available

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Hi Thanks,
I didn’t see that in the detail of the rule - in the middle of the other options. I thought it would be its own processing step / option and so didn’t see this, say at the end of the set up screens. Have now enabled this, so things will probably work as intended!

I have many rules and all of them, sans 1, have that selected!