email rules are NOT being applied after receipt of emails ...

I have numerous email rules which I have created to sort incoming emails into specific folders & sub-folders … however, eM Client steadfastly refuses to apply these rules automatically; instead I am having to run a manual application of the rules after each send/receive !

2 questions: 1. How to resolve this situation and 2 how to set the default action in the rules section other than to apply only the ‘Spam’ filter as every time I manually set the default behaviour, it is NOT saved for future use !!!

P.S. … might be quite nice if for once the developer/s decided to actually post responses to these problems some time !!

Hi Jeff.

The most obvious thing to check is that the rule is checked. See below. If it is, can you send a screen shot of one of the rules that are not working?

As I am sure you are aware, this is a user forum, where users provide assistance. That is about the extent of support you can expect for a free version of the software. Paid members can get support directly from eM Client support where you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours. That is not to say that eM Client don’t participate in this forum, because they do.

Well, if the program worked properly then I’d be quite happy to pay for it. It would on the overhand be quite foolish to buy something on the promise that it would work at some future date.

I agree. So send a screen shot and let’s see why it’s not working.

I will do once I get back home, but that won’t be until later today :frowning:

OK … screen grabs as requested …

There were a few things I was considering like the folders had been moved or renamed, but I think your screenshots show that it is probably not the case. Rules does not automatically update if you rename or move a folder, and so they don’t do anything until you go in and change the Rule to the new destination.

No, none of the folders have been moved.

OK, but it still doesn’t explain why the default action is set to SPAM FILTER which appears not to be able to be changed and the default folder to which this action is applied is NOT set … seems to me that there is a failing in the structure of the RULES which does not allow for user specification of the rules.  

The default action is set to spam filter on installation, but you can disable or delete it if you choose to do so. Why the developers decided to enable that rule by default was probably the same reason why GMail has spam filters enabled by default.

I do not understand what you mean by does not allow for user specification of the rules. Maybe you can explain that.

The default action … it does not allow you to specify for example, all rules and the default folder to which all of the rules should be applied as a default action without having to actually go into the rules section and physically select the rules and then apply them to a specific folder.
As it stands at the moment, the program is applying no rules to any folders as a default action.

Right. So all enabled rules apply to all new email as it is received, irrespective of folder. That is why the rule begins with After message has been received. And they will be applied one by one in order until there is the stop processing other rules option selected in one of them. Except in your case where nothing is happening at all. Is it possible maybe one of the first in the list has the stop processing other rules option selected?
If you want to apply one or more rules at a later stage, you can select all rules or all selected rules , and to which folders to apply them to.

Alas, none of the rules that are top of the list have a stop command in them :frowning: so that sort of blows that theory out of the water

You could close eM Client then rename rules.dat to rules.bak in %appdata%. Then open eM Client, create a new rule in the now empty rules (except for spam rule) and test if it works.

Not a geek I’m afraid and can’t find that directory %appdata% so perhaps you could be a little more specific ? Thanks

Sorry. C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.
You can just type %appdata% in explorer to get there.

OK … did that and I think I now know what is going on … starting from a fresh ‘rules’ set, afyer creating a new rule and saving it, the program when opened defaults to the spam filter selection …

… when infact what is needed is for the default action to be …

… All selected rules. What I think is currently happening is that the program opens, applies the Spam filter … then ignores all other rules. So in reality what is needed is for the ‘All rules’ or ‘All selected rules’ rule to be the default action, then the Spam filter will be included too, if ticked … so there would be no need to delete the spam filter, as you suggested

If at any time you do want to go back to your previous set of rules, close eM Client and delete the rules.dat file then rename rules.bak to rules.dat, and everything will be as it was before. Except if you have moved or renamed any folders or categories since you created the rules.bak file.

Yes, I understand that … but it does nothing to address the underlying problem with the rules.

I have recently bought a new laptop and have installed eM Client on it using the same IMAP email account … and lo, the same problem exists in the new installation starting from scratch with newly written rules!
I am still none the wiser how to set the default rule action so that the program remembers it rather than having it default back to the spam filter all the time … which frankly should be at the bottom of the rules list, not the top.