email > right click > create rule

in Outlook, one could select an email message, right click on it and choose “create rule”.
Is it possible in eM Client?
Would be much more convenient to create rules right from emails, because some of the conditions are preset.
Thank you,

No, it isn’t possible in eM Client but it sounds reasonable and I will add it to our feature requests list.


Milos Kovalcik.

I’d love to see this feature put in!!

Yes I’d like also.
It could be also : right click > apply this rule.

Me too!

It`s a great must. Without these options it takes too much time using your client. Receive over 50 mails everyday.

And another very important feature of missing, but found in the outlook. Instead of the message is automatically put into the folder SEND it should be placed in the recipient’s folder. I have over 100 folders and often I send emails to these people. So every time I need moving the copy from the SEND folder to sender folder.

Hi, this is already implemented but in little different way, you have to click on email address in email in preview panel or after you open it in new window and select “Create Rule From…”


Yes John Galis, but it’s not intuitive. I really love emClient so please don’t take this as a slam. I’d appreciate if you’d not mark this as solved. You have thousands of clients migrating to your platform all trained to do it another way. Why make them all research this thread. It took me 20 minutes to find the solution here.
I’m glad you posted it. I’d never have thought it to be where you mentioned it. Please don’t mark this as solved.

But this is already implemented, there is no difference between this way and right click on email itself.

Actually this can be used even when you open email in standalone window. Right click on email in email panel would be almost unusable in this case.


Noted, but what if you want to create a rule based on another criteria, like say Subject?

I missed the funktion to make a rule with right-click on mouse button.
Outlook do it and Thunderbird have a app that can do it.
So how long we have to wait?

The option is there.

Right-click on the sender’s name/address in the header and choose Create Rule From.

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