Email- request to put autofit text in Email view & put option to save View Zoom level in New mail compose

I love emclient & have been using it for more than a year, it is such a wonderful programme.

Request a small fix, when we open an email in the inbox, the contents on the right side are not visible. We have to resize the text by using Control (-). If they could be made to autofit, it would be wonderful.

Request another small fix. When we are composing new mail we do not know the view zooming level of that screen. If it could be kept at 100% or user defined and it could remember for later also it would help. Presently, it is slightly confusing sometimes, the same Font Calibri 12 looks small sometimes and looks big sometimes (Due to view zoom level).

I am thankful to you for your prompt support.

Hello, as recently suggested on this community support, the width of your message is set by the HTML formatting and by formatting of the text in the message, the formatting can be different and can also be incorrectly formatted, unfortunately it is not currently possible for us to auto detect the size and adjust the zoom level.

Adjusting the zoom level would in most cases cause unreadability of the message in a new tab, if your zoom level is set to a different adjustment than the default, you can switch to 100% using Ctrl+0.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving the option in future releases.