email receipt problem.

My daughter recently received a new Notebook upon which I have just installed eM Client.
Her email provider is “” who do not support imap.

Although, initially,  a number of unopened emails downloaded as expected, she is now finding that emails are failing to show up on the laptop although they are appearing on her old PC which runs with Outlook Express. They also download onto her iPad.  She is, however, able to send emails from the Notebook. Could anyone suggest what the problem might be please?

While on the subject of sending/receiving emails in eM Client I have used eM Client myself for about three years but have not, as yet, figured out what the purpose is of the send/receive tab. Would someone care to enlighten me?

Hi Gordon, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your daughter’s computer? Can you check for the exact version number under Help > License? Are you seeing any errors from the application while you’re trying to fetch new messages? If so, can you make a screenshot of such error?

Thank you,

Hello Paul,

On receiving your reply I found that the license was in Demonstration Mode. When I was setting up eM Client for my daughter I received an activation code and was sure I had registered it. Clearly I erred somewhere along the line. Fortunately, I had kept a note of the code. I have now registered the activation code and the license details now show correctly. Her version of eM Client is 6.0.21040.0 . I looked at my own version out of interest and saw that it was 6.0.21034.0.  Presumably there have been one or two minor update tweaks since my version was downloaded.
The good news is that mail now seems to be coming down onto my daughter’s laptop but only, it seems, when she clicks on send/receive. Is this how it should be ? I don’t to have to do this on my laptop. She does not get error messages. Her mail screen seems absolutely normal to me.

Thank you very much for steering me in the right direction and so very promptly.


Hi again Gordon, what kind of account are you using on your daughter’s computers, is this an IMAP account, what mail service are you using?

If you’re using an IMAP account, all your messages should be available once they are available on the serve, since the protocol keeps an IDLE connection open, however if you’re using a POP account with your email, eM client should check for new messages once in X minutes, to setup the period navigate to Tools > Settings > General > “Synchronize items every X minutes”.

Hope this helps,

Hello Paul,

My daughter’s email provider is “o2”, a service which does not support imap. Items are synchronized every 10 minutes on her eM clientI I find. I have a feeling she is initially viewing her emails, either on her mobile phone, or on her iPad. I understand the iPad should not cause a problem because POP3 emails are left on the server for a week or longer, or so I am led to believe. The problem may therefore be her phone which may download  emails immediately she opens them. I gather this would mean such emails would not then be viewable on other devices. I am learning all the time so I will do further research and only return if I cannot resolve her problem.
Many thanks for responding to this enquiry.

Hi Gordon, the only option that could cause troubles with your daughter’s setup would be if any of her device had the option to delete the messages from the server after they’re downloaded to that device, please check that none of your devices has this setting enabled.

When you spot that messages were not downloaded to eM Client, also make sure they’re still available on the server.

Thank you,