email read status not updated after sync.

email read status not updated after sync.
I access my gmail from two places: eM Client on my PC and gmail on my tablet.

  • When a new mail arrives, it shows up on both sides
  • After I read it on the tablet, the status of that email becomes ‘read’ on the gmail website.
  • However, the email status on eM Client is still ‘unread’, I pressed ‘F5’ to sync multiple times, still the status is ‘unread’
  • After I restart eM Client, the status is updated to ‘read’, but certainly this is not a solution.

Please let me know the fix, thanks.

eM Client is great, but this is one little pain to me!

it is a problem on Google’s side, they stopped sending
the notifications about read/unread status changes.
You will need to tell Google to fix this issue,
we can’t do anything with that.

Thanks for the quick response. One quick questions, why the status gets synced after restarting em client? Is that because Google sends message status to a new imap connection? If yes, is there any way to let em client to restart the imap connection periodically?


If google stopped sending the notifications, then how do my iOS devices update ‘read’ within seconds?

iOS devices maybe uses ActiveSync for synchronization, not IMAP.

No, iOS uses IMAP.……

Correct, iOS uses IMAP or Exchange/ActiveSync.

So for those of us that successfully use IMAP with iOS devices and Gmail, why does eM Client not sync messages as ‘read’ if the problem is NOT on googles side?

Also, thanks for the link, and if you read the info point #4 states: “you could also use CalDAV to sync Google Calendar and IMAP to sync Gmail”.

send us your IMAP logs please. Turn the logging on in your settings, then mark a mail as read in a browser and press Send and Receive button in eM Client. Afterwards, restart eM CLient and send us the logs with reference to this topic using the same logging settings window. Please include the subject of the message which has been marked as read so we can find it quickly in the logs. Thank you.

What was the outcome of this?

It turned out that Gmail stopped sending Read status notification update so there is nothing we can do at the moment.

But how come Thunderbird is able to sync read/unread status but not eM Client!! I have both installed & the problem seems to be only with eMClient

I agree. zimbra works fine also. Even windows live mail when synced to gmail works fine. So does K9 android email.

This is incorrect, Gmail DOES send read status notifications and the fault is with eM Client. As you can see, this has not been fixed in over a year…

Thunderbird and Zimbra synchronize the messages in a different way which on the other hand is slower and less effective. We will try to find a compromise.

I concur this appears to be a coding problem in eM client. When I access items via gmail in my browser the read/unread status of the corresponding item within the ‘All Mail’ folder in eM client is quickly updated. However, the read/unread status in the ‘inbox’ folder does not get updated even after a manual sync. I can force an update by exiting/restarting eM client or by repairing the inbox folder. Both approaches are awkward and unproductive.

Also have this problem. Annoying.

I have not seen a moderator response to this problem so wonder if the developers still believe this to be a gmail problem. That does not appear to be the case (as noted in my earlier post) as the read/unread status is updated in the ‘all mail’ folder and when restarting eM client. Other mail clients such as Outlook 2013 and Live Mail are able to update the read/unread status in near real time.

Other mail clients are able to update the statuses because they use a different synchronization method, which is slower but apparently it fixes this issue. We will try to find a compromise to satisfy all the needs.

I feel that given users access mail from all sorts of devices in this day and age that having syncronisation across all platforms is critical to the success of this product which after initial view is good.
As a VP of our company I have been searching for a reliable platform for our GMail platform, though this is presents a major challenge for us adopting this product across our enterprise.
Please advise on how this can be escalated?