Email, Preferences, and Rule Sync

Similar to Sparks execution. Would benefit tremendously from a authenticating with server/profile, and have settings sync across devices.

User enters email associated with emClient account. All other emails / Rules / Preferences saved to server, and when using a new device, signing in will allow user to sync all accounts / settings.

I am thinking here ahead to migration from Windows to / with upcoming android app. Will need “Local” rules to be synced with android, such that either the PC or android can run the rules. It will be insanely cumbersome and unreasonable to manually create matching rule sets on both devices, so please ensure that we can sync “Local” rules. Obviously server level rules need not be synced, but those are far more limiting…

We already do this for Pro Business users.

They can setup the accounts in the License Manager, and as soon as a user activates that license, the account settings will be downloaded to the device.

You can also do Rules, but that is more difficult with those that move items, as the destination folders may be different.