Email Pop Up Issues :(

Email Pop Up Issues --i keep getting these pop ups regarding my 2nd account and more importantly my work account, id love to post screenshot is possible, but also I just wanna make sure that all is working properly and I am sending healthy emails.  here is the text of the error and below is the screen shot.  ((3:37:22 PM [email protected] [IMAP]  Synchronizing subfolders: For folder [email protected]/Inbox))

I have the same problem with sync of calender and IMAP. How can you turn off the notification?
I use hotmail and

could you please copy the whole text of the error or post only the closeup of the error in the screenshot? The text is impossible to read but it looks longer than what you rewrote.
Also, can you copy the contents of the Log tab in that operation window and tell me what release of eM Client are you running? That might help in solving the issue as well.

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Here my error

btw: you just have to click on the picture of the original post to enlarge it and you can read the error message…

Hi Tobias,
thank you for the second screenshot. Unfortunately, the forums downsize he image so even upon clicking the previous image, the text was not possible to read.
I’ll also need you to copy the content of the Protokoll (Log) tab as mentioned before, please.

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