email partly not visible


Installed em client recently on jan 14th.
Strange enough i can see  my older emails (gmail account) only until august 1st 2018. Emails between 1st august 2018 and the install date can not be seen in em client.
Because this is a short and recent period i would like to have these posts also visible in em client.
How can i do this?

rgds Cor

Do you see them in the Gmail web client?  Could you have another device configured as POP3 accessing the mailbox?

Hi Jay,
I still see the mails in the Gmail web client.
I have windows mail installed and there the mails are visible. But i think that  windows mail is not a pop 3 client. I also did install Outlook which is still presen but not used. Is that a pop 3 client?

Just started ms outlook. This program receives directly all the email after giving the mailaddres and the password als over the period august 2018 till jan 2019