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I see where you can change email notification sounds, but a) it didn’t seem to work and b) is there a way to set a specific sound to a certain email address?  

@ Mindy Thomas

Hi, Check my recent post about this :

Peter E

Yes, those are the steps I did but nothing happened.  How does it know which email address to associate with the sound?  

Hi Mindy,

I’ll start again with the full panel this time…

Notice how I start with Default Settings and Incoming mail selected…
and the 3 choices of the symbols are black - meaning Active
Red crossed - means Inactive (status is selectable)

Below I’m showing the 2 addresses,

After selecting , click Apply

Since Incoming Mail was selected in the full panel - above - that’s the only one showing.
but now reselect it  and then click the arrow as indicated, which gives you a browse panel
and then navigate to the folder where you have the sound files.
(as mentioned in the other post)

You can make (record)  some in .wav format or get some at the following links  
[]( "Link httpswwwthesoundarchivecomemailasp")  
[]( "Link httpswwwsounds4emailcomsoundspopularphp")  
Save  in a folder and then click on the arrow in the corner - next to..."new\_mail.wav"  
and navigate to one of the saved wav files.  
Choose a suitable one or custom-made one in an audio recorder/editor. (with .wav output )  
The sky is the limit,  - eg - chime and voice etc  
When finished with one email address  , Apply and do the other..  

I think it’s working now.  

I think it’s working now.  

Different sound for each email address?