email not working!

We( M Gabiola -07 47837670, Ayr QLD; Australia) have been using eM Client for 12 approx months, but suddenly we have lost everything. A Licence was asked for?? I could not find the licence number. Desprately need our emails back.
Since this morning email is back, but asking for activation key which we can not find!!!
Can you help??.
As we have no email - contacts - or; Fax 07 4783 1456; 0408825523, 0427 777 606

Hi, I will need email address you used when registering free version. I wasn’t able to find any of those you mentioned in your post. What error message you exactly got in eM Client.

email address is . the message is in a small window it says-eM Client does not have any valid license-
To continue to use eM Client you need to enter activation key…
My key , i think is in one of my first emails, which i can not access.