Email not Sending

Running Win7 and with newest update messages are not sending. Did full diagnostic with all items OK. Logged into Outlook on mobile and Internet to try to send. Didn’t happen. I have eM Client minimized because there is an unsent message in Outbox. All ports are working along with a special rule on Firewall allowing full access for eM. If what you call the Outbox is Sent nothing appears although I see no such thing as Outbox. Never had this problem with eM Ver. 6.x. I am using eM for personal use only and I thank you for offering it. Here is the original message was getting before doing the diagnostic. No message appears at this point although the email does not send.

I solved this problem. Others using MSN/Outlook could be facing a similar difficulty. MS switched my primary email (was MSN) to Outlook and placed my MSN as an alias. Once I made the change in eM Client sending and receiving began to work fine. MS will constantly change eM Client to non-default email program. It does not cause any problems.