Email not retained on server in POP account

I have two computers with EMC V8 that each contain a POP account for a gmail address. My personal PC is opened daily while the league PC is only started a couple of times a week. The league PC is the repository for email for the gmail address. Avoiding opening league PC multiple times needlessly is why I want to view emails on my personal PC so I can initiate timely action on the league PC if necessary. I have the setting set to retain copies of the email but when it is downloaded to my personal computer, a copy is not retained on the server for the league PC to download. I have toggled the settings and also deleted the account but still no saved copy. Is this a bug or is there some setting that is at cross purposes with the save copy setting? Thanks for any help.

Go to your Gmail Settings and make sure you have set it to keep a copy in Gmail’s Inbox.

And in eM Client, make sure you have set POP3 in this way on your personal PC:

Thanks for the response. All those settings exist already. One thing I thought to do after posting was to open gmail on my browser, send an email via EMC and watch what happened when my personal PC EMC downloaded the email. The browser showed nothing happening to the email–it was still in the inbox and apparently available for download. However, starting EMC on the league computer and refreshing several times did not result in a downloaded message. It doesn’t matter which PC downloads the email first, the other one will not then download it even though the browser says it is available. I don’t know if it is an EMC problem or Gmail.

Update. After an hour or so later, the email showed up in the league EMC. I will test it a few more times and if you don’t hear from me, please consider the matter closed. I never had this problem when I used the email mail server furnished by my ISP. However, I never want to do another email address change again and that’s why I went to Gmail. Thanks.

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