email not downloading reliability

I regularly get the message that will download next time I’m connected; however, the system has just brought in the email title etc using sync.
Right now system will not download a photo from gmail account although I can see it if I use Outlook on another computer.
I’ve been looking in the conversations for more than 1/2hr and have not found a solution after trying some of the suggestions listed.

Similar issue for me here: when fetching emails from an imap server, I get a “connection error” when using eM. Using another client (I tried Outlook and Thunderbird) works fine.
I will continue browsing the forum for answers but any help is appreciated.

I too  have a with IMAP error message (I found that if you select to receive ONLY for that account then it does not have a problem).

I also have a problem where some of my emails are not downloading - I know they are in the mailbox (checked webmail) but they are not downloading into the account.

Hello guys,

Can you please screenshot or copy the errors from the “Log” tab in the Operations window that appears when such an error occurs? It would help tremendously in identifying the problem. Thank you.


I am unable to include a snip image.

Some more info on setup