Email not downloading after update

About three days ago, I was prompted to update eM client, which I did. Since then, while my Gmail is downloading fine, my Frontier email account is not. I have tried going to accounts and putting the password back in, but that didn’t help. How can I get Frontier mail to download onto my computer?

What Version are you now in ?

Sorry. I should have included that. 7.2.37929.0

Try the new version from
It is 8.0.1612

I updated to that version, restarted my computer, and still cannot get my Frontier email to download.

Do you get any error messages?

Sometimes I get a popup that says Password required for CalDAV. I put in my email password, but it says Unauthorized. Most of the time it just won’t download and I get a little red symbol by the frontier email folder. It says Connection failed.

My most recent error message says that sync failed due to Server Hangup.

Help! Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I just dump em client and get something else?