email not deleting

I have an email in my inbox I am attempting to delete and the email will not delete, I need a fix or a work around for this. 

Please detail the steps you take to delete the email that does not delete.

I attempted to  open the email and then attempted to delete by placing my pointer on the email in question to highlight the email and then went to the delete button to delete the email. The email in question did not delete and is dormant at the bottom of my inbox. 

Please see the screen shot using Paint.

If you have an IMAP email account, you could login to your email via your ISP’s webmail url using a browser and then delete that specific email. Then close and reopen Em Client and refresh at the top.

I do not know what an IMAP account is and if I have one or how to check to find out if I have an IMAP account? I have an email account through my ISP of course but do not know how to use that email to find out. Please elaborate.

In EMClient go to “Menu > Tools > Accounts” at the top left. Then click on your email account on the left, and if its an IMAP account, you will see an “IMAP” tab at the top like in this example screenshot. 

A Common IMAP server setting for eg: Gmail customers would be , Port 993, USE SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

As I sincerely hope that you are able to see from this screen shot, my settings are consistent with the recommended settings. I am as yet unable to delete the email. 

Yes so you have an IMAP Gmail account. To delete that email, login to Gmail via your web browser at either - or

Once deleted in the Gmail web interface / gui then close EMClient and reopen and that email will be in your Trash folder. If its still there when open EMClient, just click refresh a few times at the top left.

EMClient using Gmail IMAP is an interface to your Gmail account on the web and will reflect any changes online.

Please be patient as I am waiting for Google to allow me to sign on to my Gmail through Google, then I will be in a position to continue working on this problem. 

Please be patient in view of the COVID19 pandemic and the fact that I am locked out of Google at the moment I will contact you ASAP when my Google account is unlocked. 

Thought I would let you now that I have the time that your suggestion worked in the final analysis, I had a no. of steps beyond your procedure to execute but it worked, finally. Thanks.