Email not completely visible - and quoting not complete


I have a mail (HTML) that has “break-lines” in it. And it seems that eM Client thinks thats the end of the mail or so. All text after this html is NOT VISIBLE. :frowning:

When opening the same mail in thunderbird, all looks fine.
I can change settings in eM Client that mails should be shown as plain text.
That seems to work in the first place, but when I hit the REPLY button, then the text is still “cutted” and not shown completely in the quote. :frowning:

I’m guessing that emClient can’t parse however what you have is encoded which seems to include horizontal lines, spaces and some kind of numbering. The encoding could require a CSS style sheet. I don’t see that emclient even understands Horizontal lines.

To use the quote I suggest you “Paste as text”. If that doesn’t work, copy to notepad or some other text based editor and see if you get everything. Then paste into your reply. You lose all the formatting, but you can indent and use Italics to show you are quoting. You can also work inside that to add space and emulate what you saw.

You could also edit the source if you were skilled enough.