email never stops synchronizing so so new emails are received.

eM Client stops receiving emails at least once a day and never seems to recover.  It will get “stuck” synchronizing a folder, and then never receive emails after this.

The log shows it receiving re-running this sync over and over but it hasn’t received emails for a whole day.  Microsoft Mail has been happily and reliably receiving emails.

9:15:22 AM [Google Contacts]  Synchronizing folder list
9:15:22 AM [Google Contacts]  Synchronizing folder ‘’
9:15:22 AM [Google Contacts]  Synchronizing folder ‘’

10:55:22 AM [Google Contacts]  Synchronizing folder ‘’
10:55:22 AM [Google Contacts]  Synchronizing folder ‘’
11:05:22 AM [Google Calendar]  Synchronizing folder ‘’
11:05:22 AM [Google Contacts]  Synchronizing folder list
11:05:22 AM [Google Contacts]  Synchronizing folder ‘’
11:05:22 AM [Google Contacts]  Synchronizing folder ‘’

Hello Rafeek,

In this case, could you please send us the whole content of the Log tab? We would also ask you to go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Logging and turn on logging for the ‘Google Contacts’ and ‘Google Calendar’ for the gmail account that gets stuck. The next time it happens, please go again to Logging, click on Send Longs and send them to with a link to this thread.

Thank you,

I’ve been having a similar problem today. In another email client, several emails immediately appeared. In eM Client, minutes went by, and no new emails appeared while “synchronizing” continued. 

These “synching problems” have been reported here by many users over the last months without having received an answer from the developers - they usually ask for more details and then go back into hibernation. I am having the same problems with connections to my accounts  (gmail).
At first I started Thunderbird to check on emClient if it had received all my mails; after a while it occurred to me that if I needed a watchdog for emClient I could just as well keep the watchdog and send emClient packing. emClient may have a “sinking problem”.
I will try emClient again (after all, I did pay for it) if and when they come up with the update.

Sadly, I have the same issue. As I have around 1 thousand folders in a tree structure, eM is stuck for hours on end and doesn’t allow me to even view the content of the inbox messages in the meantime essentially making it useless while it’s re-synching all the folders. A real shame as the rest of the software is brilliant!

I just manually downloaded the update for 7.1 and it seems to have fixed it for me. The software itself said it was up to date (but it was still 7.0)

I’m using the newest version, and I still have the problem: I see zero new emails, then look at my phone and see that I have new emails, then I exit emClient and re-launch, and THEN I see 12 new emails. This is serious and causes me to not trust the product. 

Same problem here. Never ending sync, emails not downloading.


Could you please go to Menu > Tools > Settings and check your sync period? If it’s too low, it might cause the sync loop issue. Also Conversations mode might slow down down syncing of a large database - if it is your case, try disabling it in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read.


Russel, if you are referring to me, I have it set for 15 minutes to sync and conversation are off. So that is not it on my side. 

Hello Kent,

Does it happen with a particular account or with all accounts.
Please try running the Diagnostics feature in Menu > Tools > Accounts > Diagnostics for the problematic account/s.


One email only and I have run the diagnostics several times. What I finally did was turn off download emails. Now every email has a lag when opened, and if there is an attachment, it has to be clicked on wait for the error, click “ok” on the error and then click on the attachment and it opens.
Not the correct solution but one to live with until we find another email program.