Email Log in Problem

 I keep getting the attached server says unauthorized message even though my password is correct. When I sign in to Yahoo directly it says it received an unexpected attempt to enter my account from a computer in the UK. I am using a VPN which puts me in the UK. I assume if I sign off the VPN I will be able to use Em but I am wondering is there any other solution to the problem when I am using a VPN.

Hello Peter,
have you tried using the full email address (with the yahoo domain) as your user name?


I will give it a try. Thanks.

I have been having this same problem for days. It is making me crazy.

Is it just when you are using a VPN? I am going to try Olivia’s suggestion and will report back. Don’t get the sever error message when I am not using a VPN.

I tried her suggestion, didn’t work.

what is a VPN? 


Unfortunately both Yahoo and GMail block VPNs (as far as I know you pretty much can’t connect to Yahoo mail from any external app while using VPN) and since this is their security policy, we’re sadly unable to do much. :frowning: