Email locations for backup

Hi, my backup program runs weekly and backups up my data to an external hard drive. The program copies for example outlook.pst file to the external the hard drive. I would like to backup my emails from eM client the same way. Hence, which file do I need to copy? In addition, if my hard disk fails can I re-install eM client and replace the existing mail database to recover my emails?

Thanks in advance

Hello Pav,
you can set up automatic backups in Tools>Settings>General>Backup. This will create a ZIP file in your desired Directory, which includes information of your whole database - locally saved data, settings, account setups etc. You can restore from this kind of backup anytime using eM client’s File>Restore function.
If you’d like you export just your emails, you would have to manually Export them either using the File>Export function or drag&dropping the emails to any folder.