Email list font size issue in ver6 and RC

I ran in to this issue in version 6 and looks like its still there in Release Candidate as well.

I would like change the font size in the email list but the app will not accept anything over 8pt.

Whats even more bizarre is that the default is 9pt but once you try to change it the app forces you to use 8pt (you can reset to defaults to get back to 9pt).

Note the screens are from RC version.

Here is the default setting with the row dimensions maxed out to as high as they go and applied (I think it should not limit this as some users might need to go higher).

When I try to increase the font to anything over 9pt I get this message (same with ver 6)

When you click ‘Ok’ it now drops the font down from 9pt to 8pt. You have to then reset to defaults to get back to 9pt.

Anyway these limits can be removed? If someone has bad eyesight they should be able to go up as much as they need to be able to comfortably read the email list. Not to mention people on high res screens which are becoming more and more popular with small notebook screens (I’m on 3k 15" Dell XPS 15). Just try to read 9pt list on a 3k display on 13" notebook scree :wink:

Other than that the RC looks great, great job :slight_smile:


You will need to set a custom text magnification setting within Windows in the Display control panels. This is especially true for high resolution screens. With my 4K laptop, I have that custom setting at 235% and eMC works just fine by accepting its default font setting of Segoe UI,8.920354pt

Thanks for the workaround but its still not addressing the actual defect in the application settings.