Email leaves my inbox

Recently purchased this program, and it seemed to be functioning as I expected. Recently, I had not been looking at my email for several days, and when I opened eM Client, I had an empty inbox. I KNOW I had mail sent to me during this period. I started with a google search and found lots of people complaining about disappearing email. I then started with looking at auto archiving [not on], rules, and every suggestion offered. I did see however, that I had a list of emails attached to my contact. I tried moving them to my inbox [there was a right-click move command available] and found that I could get the emails into the inbox. BUT… they did not actually move. They are still there attached to my contact.
Is this some weird setting? I do not want to have to check among my hundreds of contacts to make sure I didn’t miss one. There is no rule anything like this, and I can’t figure out what the eM Client people might name something like this if it is NOT a malfunction.

Any help to return to a normal email program would be appreciated.

If you open one of these message that you otherwise cannot see, but is listed under the Contact, then right-click in the message body and choose Properties. That will show you which folder it is in.

Catching up with things. Thank you for your reply, but it does not address the issue that initiated my first post. Emails ARE disappearing. And indeed, all the emails listed with the contacts are in folders I had set up, and all are older that a couple of weeks. I was not aware of this feature, and was kind of distracted by the missing emails.
Yahoo is the email I used for this forum, and I forwarded this email to my eM Client account. The first picture is my inbox, the time received clearly shows. The second picture is my inbox at 10:31am, 3 minutes later. I was opening a blank document to paste the first image in and save it, then went back to eM Client and found what was in the second picture. Nothing. I did not close the program, or do anything. I searched all folders and the email is not present. 3 minutes, Where did it go.

I have not “received” an email in this account for nearly 3 weeks. I went through the trial period with no problems, and for this to arise now needs an explanation. Many of the responses I saw to others on this forum go along the line of “eM Client has no way of deleting emails automatically” . Well, beyond providing you with an mp4 of it happening, WHERE DID IT GO???.
If this cannot be resolved, I request that I be refunded the amount of my recent purchase of this program.

The point is that the messages are not disappearing are they? Because you can still see them listed under the contact in the right-sidebar.

What I suspect is that you may be in the Unread folder, and after some time, them message is being marked as read, for whatever reason, so will no longer be in the unread folder.

Opening the message from the side-bar and finding the location will tell you something about where the message actually is.

What you did not notice:

  1. As I stated, I looked in EVERY folder [including “unread”] and could not find that email.
  2. ALL the messages observable in the contacts view are in folders that I created, and NONE are newer than 3 weeks old. I have definitely been sent emails during this period, which I cannot locate.

So, if that email is “somewhere”, where?

It looks like apologies are in order. Unknown to me, my wife had decided to use my old computer to observe work she was doing on the web. I had discarded it and eM Client is on my new computer. When my old computer boots, it started my Outlook email running essentially as a background task. I came upon this as I was running experiments and found that the emails would stay in my inbox for up to 10 minutes - the time between its updates. I ran an experiment, commanded an update, and watched my emails disappear from eM Client.
So, my old computer was collecting all the emails for a few weeks while I was not aware it was turned on.

Sorry for the attitude.

Sounds like you are running a eg: POP Setup on your old computer and the server mail is being cleared.