Email is sending, but are still in outbox (and sending againg and again)

When I am sending emails, any size, they are now staying in the outbox folder. I have used eM Client for many years, and this problems startet just now. The email is sending, but are not moved from outbox to sendt folder, causing it to be sendt many times (the reciver is getting the same email several times). I have restalled the application, and still the same problem.

Could be your eM Client mail acct needs to be removed and re-added as might possibly have an error in the database somewhere, or you might have an older version of eM Client and needs updating.

What email account do you have ? Is it a local ISP mail account or a eg: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.

What version of eM Client are you using and are you using Windows or Mac ?

Hi. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the eM Client, but the same problem is there. The eM Client is up to date, verison 8.2.1473 (04b618f)
I use a local ISP, and have had no problems for years. My familie use the same ISP but use MS Outlook as their client, and they do not have any problems.

I am using Windows.

Is your account a Local “IMAP” type account ? If it is, as you have already uninstalled and reinstalled eM Client and have a recent version of eM Client, then next step would be to (remove your account) and (re-add your account). Backup eM Client first though via “Menu / Backup”.

The other things that can sometimes interfere with outgoing mail is eg: Optional Antivirus email scanning, Firewalls, Security programs, VPN’s etc. So if you have any optional programs installed like that, try disabling them temporarily to see if any of them are the cause.