Email is no longer there

I went on to emclient yesterday and noticed an urgent email that I have been waiting for, for a month. I double clicked it to open, and the screen went black, then closed emclient down. I logged back on and then noticed that the email I needed is now missing. Just gone. I have checked everywhere. inbox, all mail, trash, sent, junkmail, drafts. Nothing. How can this happen?

Have you checked the mail server, via web mail, for the email’s existence?

I’m not at all tech savy, so I’m not sure how to do what you are trying to tell me. Where do I go to do this?

What is the domain portion of your email address, the portion AFTER the “@”? Do not respond with the entire email address!

It is Thanks

Using your browser, go to, login, look for the “missing” email. Hopefully you will be successful.

Because my computer is connected to my personal info, when I key into the browser “gmail” it does not require a login and goes directly to my email account. Right back where I started with email still missing. Thanks

Does this translate into you were able to access your Gmail via web access (NOT eM Client) and did not find that missing email? If so, hopefully someone else will have ideas as to why eM Client might have “blacked out” and “closed itself”.

Best I can suggest, If you know where that email came from, contact them to send email again.

Yes that is correct. The missing email is not on the gmail account or the emclient account. Could you pass this on to someone else? I can’t just sit hear and wait. The first thing I did, by the way, was to send in a request to the person who may have sent it, even though it took them a month to reply to the last request. Thanks for your time.

I do NOT work for eMC in any capacity. eMC employees visit here occasionally!

Your only other option is to subscribe to eMC VIP support, which gives you direct contact to an eMC support person.

Best of luck moving forward.

I’m so sorry! I thought you were with emclient. My apologies and even more thanks for you taking time to try to help out. Thank you