email importing and downloading problem

I am migrating my mail server from smarter mail to office 365 thus I have taken backup of my old email and removed the account then I have created new account using IMAP to import my old email to the web mail of office 365 so my pop account user can have the email but 5 different user getting different different amount of email though in the web mail all email has been copied not sure what went wrong any suggestion for re sync all email in pop user 

You can’t sync with POP3. For that you need to use IMAP.

Thank you for the reply. I imported from my IMAP account  . I  have 30 user using the same ID password so from IMAP to sync email to office web mail and from office365 web mail to sync copy to POP user that is right method ?

You CANNOT sync POP3! For that you need IMAP.

As a Pro License user, please open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to help you further.

ok thanks