email hacked

People are receiving emails from my email and I did not send them.

A very common problem and not an issue with your email client. Someone has spoofed or forged your email address as sender and captured your contacts list. There’s no cure I know of beyond changing your email password and rebooting your PC to kill any potential memory resident malware. But, they still have your contacts list. 

Hello Gail, as suggested above, this is not an application issue, contact your mail service provider to resolve this issue, you may be able to restore your password using a different form of authentication or disable the email address so your contacts do not receive unsolicited emails etc.

Hope this helps.

Hi, Paul,  

I have already changed my password on my provider website. The problem is your application will not change. It still requires the old password and you have no means to change it in the application. I can use the new password in webmail, but have to use the old one in eM Client. Very annoying!

Hello Gail, that sounds really unlikely. What mail service are you using with eM Client? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Can you make a screenshot of your account settings from Tools > Accounts > Your account?

Note that to change the password you might be forced to change the password for each of the services setup for this account, e.g. General authentication, IMAP, SMTP or maybe even your calendar and contacts sync services.

Funny that my reply to this was deleted. What happened here, Paul?

Hello Gail, I’ve not seen any response to this. Have you received an email that the message was deleted? As far as I know, I have not removed any messages from this thread.