Email goes in trash

My emails automatically goes into trash whether i have read it or not. I am unable to find any soution

First check that you don’t have any Rules set in eM Client that are doing that. Rules are in Menu > Tools > Rules.

Second, check that you don’t have any filters set on your server. You should be able to do that through the web interface for your email account.

I have just discovered this problem!!!

I have been using “All Inboxes” and “Unread” under “Smart Folders” - what a disaster!!!

The only Rule that is set is “Spam Filter”.

I have no idea how to “set filters” on my email account, I need a User friendly explanation please.

It can’t be the Spam filter Rule as that moves messages to Junk, not Trash.

But it looks like the Inbox is duplicated in the Trash. Check the settings for that account in Menu > Tools > Accounts, and make sure that Automatically detect special folder names is ticked in the IMAP tab. It may be that the Trash folder is mapped to your Inbox folder.

Or remove that account from eM Client, then add it again and see if there is any difference.