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I had a problem with my computer and i had to reinstall windows 10. After that i reinstalled emClient. When i reinstalled emclient it was installed with all my old emais and folders. How is it that? Since everything had been deleted why they old emails and folders were installed. Before reinstalled windows i had exported all my emails and folders so i can imported when I would reinstall emclient. But now after reinstalled emclient it seems the old emails and folders also installed. 

I’m no expert, but I’m guessing that maybe your email accounts are set up as IMAP (or even POP3 but with the option to leave the mail on the server).

eMclient simply re-downloaded them ?>.

You are correct Adam. With some setups the email client just presents a cached copy of what is on the server, so setting up the account on another computer will show the same data.  However, some things will not be synced with the server like items stored in local folders, categories, Rules, signatures, templates, settings, etc…

The best method when moving from one computer to another, or reinstalling the OS, is to first backup (Menu > File > Backup) on one computer and then restore on the other. This will make an exact duplicate. You should also deactivate the license on the old computer and then activate it on the new one.  You can do that in Menu > Help > License.

Thanks, Gary - I may just have to bookmark this reply for future reference!!!

There is some information in the FAQ, but I don’t think most users go there.

Thank you for the quick reply. I didn’t know about the backup and restore option. What I did before I reinstalled windows is to export emails, the settings and the contacts so later I could import them.

Although emClient imported my old emails from the server as you say that was not done properly. I mean some emails were not imported and there are some “ghost” folders on the folders list. There are some folders that I do not want them. When I exported the emails I did not export those folders so later I would import only those I wanted it.

So I’m planning to uninstall emClient and reinstall it.

And I’ll use the import option to import my old emails from the export option I had made. When I reinstall emClient it asks you to create an account or the accounts you have. Do I have to do that or I can use the import option to import the settings and emails I had exported before I uninstalled the application?

For a clean install, first delete the C:\Users_yourusername_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder. You may need to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there. 
After you install eM Client, you will have an empty database and can go ahead and import those files.

I followed the instructions you gave and deleted the eM Client folder. I reinstalled eM Client and imported all my emails and settings using the import option. But now I receive the following error message:

Synchronization of account

Failed to upload message…

Message wasn’t uploaded to the IMAP server because the folder “Folders/Local/Trash” doesn’t exist on the server anymore. Which action do you want to take?

Create Folder or Skip Folder

I choose Skip Folder. But then the same error message appears all over again.

Probably try Create Folder. You can always delete it later.

Thank you. That solved the problem