Email folder contents lost?

Over past weeks I have lost the contents of over half of my folders. Can anyone advise how these can be recovered please?

If this is a POP account and your emails are no longer showing online in webmail, but you have been doing eM Client backups regularly, then go to “Menu / File / Restore” (Pc) or “File / Restore” (Mac) which will bring up dated eM Client files which you can then restore.

If you haven’t been doing eM Client backups with a POP account then the only option is if you eg: have been doing complete image backups of your hard disk you could then restore a recent image.

If you have an IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud account and your emails are showing online ok, but just not in eM Client, then go to “Menu / Accounts” (Pc) or “eM Client / Accounts” (Mac) and remove and re-add your account which will then bring all your mail and folders back from the server.