Email every one on a meeting invite

How do I send out an email to everyone on a meeting invite? - Jay

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Iā€™m using eM Client 8.2.1473 (04b618f).
The calendar is synchronised via CalDav with a Synology NAS DS920+ running MailPlus server.
Planning a meeting within the EM Client (My Calendar), the email invitation to the meeting attendees is not send out. Any idea how to change the configuration to get the invitation send out to the meeting attendees? If you need any information about the actual configuration, please let me know what you are interested in.

The invitation would be sent by the Synology device.

When you create an event in a synced calendar, it is the server where the calendar is hosted that handles the invitations, not eM Client.

If you want eM Client to send the invitation, then you will need to create the event in a Local Folder Calendar.

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