Email erase without permission in EmClient

When I erase an email from my cell, it also disappears from EmClient.
How to keep it in EmClient when erased from the cell?

When you delete an email on your cell phone, it is actually deleted on the server and there is no way for eM Client to retrieve it. (The other way round works the same) The only way to prevent this, is to archive the mail in eM Client to your local folders, but this also removes it from the server, so it also disappears from your cell phone.
One other solution only works with Gmail. When you delete a message in Gmail from your PC or phone, what actually happens is that the label “inbox” is removed and the email doesn’t show in your inbox on either phone or eM Client. But is still there, in the “all mail” folder.
The best and sinplest adveice that I can offer, is:
Don’t delete, what you want to keep!

Thank you so much.