Email envelope icon on taskbar - visibility??

I’m a new user to eM, and tho I do like it, I’m having problems SEEING if there is new mail as should be indicated on the taskbar with an envelope icon atop your eM Client icon.

There IS an envelope, but it is black and barely shows at all.  Is this a new change in the program?  It makes it VERY difficult to see the notice for new mail.  (I’m attaching a screen shot)

Hello K,
what version of Windows are you using? I have not experienced this behaviour and have trouble replicating your issue.


Hi Olivia,

It’s Win7.

Can you post a screen shot of how it is supposed to look?


If Olivia is unavailable, can someone else help me with this, please?

sorry for the late reply.
The icon in the taskbar should gain a new envelope icon to indicate a new unread message.
However, the color of your System tray is recognized incorrectly, so instead of the white variant of the envelope icon it turns to the black one making it hard to see.
We had a similar issue with Win7 just reported, so we’re working on a fix now.
Thank you for your patience.


Oh that’s great news, Olivia, and thank you so much!  I’ll be back to let you know when I see the fix. :slight_smile: