Email Domain Inclusion rather or in addition to Blocking

Given the increasing practice of using iterating/infinite domain names, it becomes ineffective to keep trying to block those spam with changing domain names. It would be much more effective if one could specify the domain names which are permitted. That way I could insure that all email domains but say for example “…” would be blocked. Perhaps there are a few that emclient would feel needed to be considered essential, but this would permit those dozens of unwanted emails with various and changing domain names to remain blocked.

Thanks for consideration

Ed Anderson
[email protected]

Some free email providers like already provide a service where you can block all messages except those explicitly allowed.

You can also do this in eM Client by creating a Rule to move everything to Junk, except those you specify.


The only issue with doing it like this, either on the server or by Rule, is you may end up spending more time combing through your spam to find the ham, than you would spend dealing with the unwanted messages in your Inbox.

And you have to consider that any website you visit, say to purchase something, means you would then have to manually add that domain to your Rule. It is very time-consuming. And sometimes the confirmation, receipt or delivery notice may come from some other domain, you just don’t know. From my own experience just to day I was looking at messages received from my mobile provider. If I send an email to them at their registered support email address, the reply always comes back from the ticketing system which is on another domain.

Thanks much, Gary. I will try to use your suggestion. I would like to exclude all but about three domains, so will see about doing that.


Ok, just read your response again, I see what you mean – the “cure” may be worst that the “problem”



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