email dissappeared

Hey all,
I am new here.  I have had email client for just under a year.  Have a alienware laptop.  Also use an iphone 7 with access to my email.  I have a business email on it.  I picked up my phone today and checked emails as I always do.  All the emails in the inbox were gone.  I went onto my laptop and same thing.  All emails from the Sent folder seem to be there, but absolutely nothing within the Inbox.  I went down all the folders and did not see them.  What the heck could have happened.  There were a few emails on there that I really need back if possible.  Or at the very least would like to know what happened so it does not happen again.  Running 6.0.24928.0

Ok seems like I found them.  For whatever reason I saw them over on the right side in a collapsed section called communication history.  I right clicked on them and hit select all, then move to folder and they all went back to my inbox.  I have never had that happen before and dont understand what happened.  If anyone could let me know that would be great.